The Good Dinosaur:Be Brave&Let Go


I stayed in my residence room during the winter break without going anywhere due to the pandemic. Watching movies was the only thing fun for me at that time, and among all the movies I watched during the winter break, “The Good Dinosaur” is the one I love the most.

Entertainment Value: ★★★★★




Editing & Effects: ★★★★★

Sound & Music:★★★★

What would have happened if dinosaurs had not gone extinct?

“The Good Dinosaur” begins with a different dinosaur civilization.

In this world, a dinosaur family built houses on a mountain, sow seeds, and raised poultry–they are a hard-working and warm family of herbivorous dinosaurs. When the dinosaur couple’s three children break out of their shells, the most giant egg is expected to be a big one, but it turns out to be a petite, timid little guy named Arlo. He was afraid to leave the house and feed the chickens.

One day, the Dad asked Arlo to keep an eye on the grain thief, but for the little wild man who fell into the trap and struggled, Arlo let him go. The Dad took him away from home to improve his courage, yet the tragedy happened. The Dad sacrificed himself to save Arlo’s life when a flash flood came. Arlo was too sad and angry so he chased the little wild man into the stream and drifted far away; from then on, he was forced to face all kinds of hardships and difficulties and set out on the long road home.

This is a simple storyline and a bit clichéd movie. The main character Arlo was in danger many times but always worked things out in the end. He learned to be brave and take on responsibilities and also formed friendship with the little wild man–spot. Although this movie is not a five-star movie in my mind, there are still many places worth watching.

Not only the heroes can be the main character.

The movie characters are delicate and real. The main character, Arlo, is not heroic but a close-by person. It makes me quickly reminded of Hiccup in “How to Train Your Dragon”.

Hiccup was once considered the most useless person in the tribe. Although he has a wild heart, he doesn’t have the “guts” as his father expected. After getting to know toothless, he seized his opportunity to help Toothless fly again, and he also opened up another possibility of life. Through many observations, Hiccup tamed various dragons and finally became the first dragon trainer, saving the tribe from danger; and finally realized his dream and became a better person.

They have the same physical weakness, cowardice, and timidity. They experienced the same isolation but gradually became stronger through lots of difficulties.

Stay strong

In the end, Arlo and Spot were facing a choice of being apart. Arlo didn’t want to lose Spot. He didn’t want to be alone and face the fear of the unknown, so he selfishly took Spot for himself and spent the rest of the way telling Spot how much better his home was and how much Spot would love it. However, Arlo’s home was never Spot’s home. Spot may be happy, but he will never find a sense of belonging.

When was it made me cry? When Arlo finally learned to let go, he gently pushed Spot toward his peers. Spot frowned incomprehensibly and ran toward Arlo. Time and again, Arlo gently pushed Spot away and drew a circle on the ground to enclose them together. Spot finally understood. His eyes are sad and reluctant but with a hint of relief. Perhaps Spot understood that Arlo had grown up, he could walk the rest of the way on his own, and Spot could stop worrying about him. Spot found his family and can leave Arlo without worry. Arlo will also find his own family. They will always have each other in their hearts, in their own homes, to spend the rest of their lives.

When encountering difficulties, bravely face them.

Even as strong as Arlo’s Dad will feel have a moment of feeling scared. The most important thing is to face the fear. Indeed, as it says, when a crocodile bites in the face, who can not be afraid of it, but you can not hide, you need to be brave. The bruised and starving Arlo, despite his panic, continued to take one step at a time on his way home. He learned to drive the cattle, learned to swim, learned to let out a hiss, and finally learned to be brave and fearless.

The world out there is lovely.

Although we might think that the outside world is hazardous, there is really a different landscape. Only on the cliffs can you taste juicy and delicious wild fruits. Only at night can you see the sparkling fireflies. Only by climbing to the top of the mountain can you see the magnificent sunset.

A step forward to growing up.

Everyone has to learn to make sacrifices and face their fears. My parents were afraid of losing me, but they understood that one day I would have to face my life alone, so they pushed me out of the warm and safe home early, hiding their thoughts and letting me do what I wanted to do without fear, even if I walked further and further away from them.

When the dust settles, when we are brave enough, when we learn and accept goodbyes, when we all overcome our fears to become better selves, we will finally find a place to spend a whole life in. Then I understand that true love is to be not selfish.×4096


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